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First Aid Course (course in english)First Aid Course (course in english)

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First Aid Course in English


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monday - saturday
08:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Tel: 0711-2808-1162 

Nazi Gelashvili

Tel: 0711-2808-1160 

Reitzensteinstr. 9
70190 Stuttgart

Susanne Geist

Tel: 0711-2808-1163 

Reitzensteinstr. 9
70190 Stuttgart



Basic First Aid courses are of general importance for everyone. No previous knowledge is needed in order to attend a course. There are various emergencies in the different areas of life, and as such there is a need for many people who are trained in aiding injured or sick persons. 

Situations of emergency do not only take place on the road, but can occur at home, at work or at school, during your spare time activities and in connection with sports. The course prepares you to deal with life-threatening injuries, as well as every day accidents, without prior medical knowledge. We are happy to be able to present you with a course in English!

"Knowing how to help is a great Feeling"

Content of the course

  • call for help 
  • general measures of assistance 
  • general procedures to be taken at loss of consciousness 
  • CPR with defibrillation 
  • wound dressing 
  • severe bleeding 
  • heart attack and stroke 
  • burn and chemical burn 
  • shock 
  • fractures 
  • poisoning 
  • combined with many practical exercises

Course Dates

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Course Hotline: 0711/2808-1163

Duration of the course

9 lessons consisting of 45 minutes each


€ 45,00  or exemption from charges if participating in capacity as employee (form from Employer's Liability Insurance Association to be presented) 

Comment for first aiders

We are an accepted training institution for first aid, according to the Employer's Liability Insurance Association